May 16, 2014


So, one of these days I’m gonna get two Doberman dogs and name them Thor and Loki.

Beware of the same sex aggression that runs in this breed. 

January 18, 2014



A girl on one o my horse groups owns this horse, so gorgeous, he is a 16h thoroughbred fjord cross!

I need him



A girl on one o my horse groups owns this horse, so gorgeous, he is a 16h thoroughbred fjord cross!

I need him

TRON Dragons for sale!




Obsidian / Obsidian / Aqua


Midnight / Midnight / Aqua


Obsidian / Obsidian / Aqua

All in AH for 70KT
Will hold
Will haggle

Patchwork : 27299

Female… Basic but for circuit?

Just let me know!
Personally, I prefer primaries and secondaries to be basic for these colorations - but everybody has their preferences.

January 17, 2014



urgh! fucking gamer guys! I bet he doesn’t even know how to turn it on

the ps4 is laying next to a maybe naked nathan fillion im p. sure it’s already turned on



urgh! fucking gamer guys! I bet he doesn’t even know how to turn it on

the ps4 is laying next to a maybe naked nathan fillion im p. sure it’s already turned on

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January 15, 2014

To those who want to take images of my dog and claim ownership of him in some way or put a different name on his photos - the answer is a resounding "No." →


I can’t believe that I even have to post this but I’ve been seeing incidents like this occur more and more, not only with dogs in general but with my dog specifically.

I am not okay with this.

If you love a picture that I take and you want to share it, that’s fine.
I would really prefer that…

Reposting to my main blog.

January 14, 2014

My dog is too freaking adorable <3

My dog is too freaking adorable <3

January 1, 2014


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you. Tina Fey 

December 30, 2013








Did anyone else read these in a smexy voice or is it just me…?

i reblog this everytime its in my dash. oops

hahahaahh omg

why am I reading this in some weird ass husky voice?

because Ryan Gosling

i read that in like a sexy guys voice. wrong on so many levels

The umbrella one. Pure gold.

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December 21, 2013







Pope Francis is People Of The Year by LEADING GAY RIGHTS magazine, The Advocate.

And as a openly gay and devoted Catholics, I am truly proud of him and The Advocate for their open mindedness.

Personally, I see many qualities in Pope Francis that I like and adore.

He rebel, and I am a rebel, so I pretty much get him. Unlike former Popes, he doesn’t follow all that Vatican’s codes and rules, for good reasons.

He has the characteristics of a leader that we wish all our leaders had. He is not perfect but he walks the walk. He walks the walk.

And here’s some of them:

Picture 1. He acknowledged that atheists can be good people.

Earlier in 2013,  Pope Francis spoke out against the common interpretation within the Church that atheists, by nature, are bad people. He stated that, “Atheists should be seen as good people if they do good.” After meeting the Pope, the openly atheist president of Uruguay, Jose Mujica, compared Francis to a friendly neighbor. 

Picture 2. He denouced judgement on homosexuals

Pope Francis has stated several times that the Church has no right to interfere spiritually in the lives of gays and lesbians. Though Francis maintained the right of the Church to express opinions on homosexuality, he believes that Christians should not judge or ridicule.

Picture 3. He PERSONALLY called and consoled victim of rape

A 44-year old Argentinian woman, raped by a local policeman, was one of thousands to write a letter to Pope Francis in 2013. The woman was surprised when she later received a phone call from Francis himself—who consoled the woman and told her, “You are not alone.”

Picture 4. He auctioned his motorcycle to the benefit to the homeless

In October, Francis donated his own Harley Davidson motorcycle to fund a hostel and soup kitchen in Rome.

Picture 5. He urged the protection of Amazon Rainforest

During his visit to Brazil, Pope Francis met with natives who have been fighting ranchers and farmers attempting to invade their land. He encouraged that the Amazon be treated as a garden and protected.

Picture 6. he snuck out of the Vatican to feed the homeless.

More recently, it has been discovered that Pope Francis regularly leaves the Vatican at night to feed the homeless. Dressed as an ordinary priest, he joins Archbishop Konrad Krajewski to feed the poor of Rome.

Picture 7. He held a major ceremony at the chapel of a youth prison.

In March, the Pope held a major Holy Week service at Casal del Marmo jail for minors, rather than the Vatican. During the service, the pope washed and kissed the feet of 12 young offenders to commemorate Jesus’ gesture of humility towards his apostles on the night before he died.

Picture 8. He invited a boy wit Downs Syndrome for a ride in Popemobile.

During a general audience, Pope Francis invited Alberto di Tullio, a 17-year-old boy with Downs Syndrome, to ride in his Popemobile while thousands watched.

Picture 9. He embraced and kissed Vinicio Riva

November saw Pope Francis embrace Vinicio Riva, a man scarred by a genetic disease. Fighting agonising pain on a daily basis, such an act restored the faith of a man who says that he is often mocked in public.

Picture 10. He spoke out against frivolous spending by the Church.

The average set of cardinal’s clothes costs as much as $20,000. In October, Pope Francis urged officials to dress more modestly and to not squander such money. In the same month, he ordered a German bishop to explain how he had spent $3 million on a marble courtyard.


Look, I’m not a Christian. I’m a practicing LaVeyan Satanist. But THIS GUY HERE…

I respect him. I like him. I look forward to seeing him do more good things. And I’ll reblog this a thousand times because, FUCK, Pope Awesome is AWESOME.


As a Catholic, I have to say it’s really weird having a pope who seems to care about people. A good kind of weird, just…not something I would have ever expected.  I just kind of assumed they elected popes based entirely on their proficiency in covering up child rape and Nazi collaboration scandals.

This is a pretty awesome pope

FINALLY a real pope!

I think his statement regarding homosexuality is important. That is probably the closest Pope Francis can come to saying ‘Homosexuality is cool’ keeping in mind that the papacy is pretty much both a spiritual and a political assignment.

But man, I do have a lot of respect for this guy.